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Terms and Conditions

At least one working day is required for cancellation of your appointment.

If you fail to keep an appointment or you do not give us the notice as stated above, a charge will be made based on ninety pounds per hour according to the length of appointment missed.

New patients will be required to leave a holding deposit when booking appointments and for any subsequent appointments.

During a course of treatment pateints will be required to pay after each visit and all accounts must be settled in full by the final appointment.

Ocassionally we will need to alter your appointment. We aim to give you as much notice as possible, however we would not be responsible for any consequential loss caused by changing your appointment. 

Practice Plan is intended as a long term dental care plan in which we hope you will enjoy the benefits but you can cancel your Practice Plan membership at any time. Any discounts you have recieved through Practice Plan membership will be rescinded if the Plan membership is held for less than 12 months.

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