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Price Guide

PricePlan member priceSaving
Examination  (new / unregistered patients)£55.00n/an/a
X-ray (each)£10.00Included in the plan
Scale and polish£60.00Included in the plan
Examination, scale & polish and x-rays (existing or registered patient)*£90.00Included in the plan
Silver - small£112.50£90.00£22.50
Silver - medium£175.00£140.00£35.00
White - small£112.50£90.00£22.50
White - medium£175.00£140.00£35.00
Root canal treatment from£350.00£280.00£70.00
Crowns from£625.00£500.00£125.00
Dentures from£300.00£240.00£60.00
Tooth whitening
Tooth whitening - Conventional Trays from£250.00£200.00£50.00

These prices are a guide to the more common items of your dental care, many more treatments are available and further prices can be obtained by contacting the practice.

* A registered patient is a patient who is in the practice plan, or who has attended the practice for an examination in the previous 12 months.

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