Our Practice

Our philosophy is to make you feel as relaxed as possible in all aspects of your care, from making an appointment to having treatment, and to always be dealt with in a friendly and courteous manner. Our aim is to deliver the highest quality dentistry to our patients in a pleasant environment.

Our practice is committed to providing services to all patients. We have improved physical access to the practice, there are no steps between the practice and the car park, the surgeries are on the ground floor and there are no steps internally. For patients that are hard of hearing an induction loop is available. The practice leaflet is also available in large print.

Our Commitment to life long Oral Health

Our practice has been serving the people of Sheffield  since the 1950's, Only four dentists have practiced here. We have patients who have relied on us to take care of them from their teenage years and are now octagenarians. The two dentists caring for our patients, RHJones and RHBealby, have been practicing here for twenty eight years and have seen their young patients become mothers and their mothers become grandmothers. With each changing stage in life comes a change in dental needs and we regard it as our duty to ensure our patients' oral health is in the best possible condition.  

Our Commitment to Service

Our practice is dedicated to providing a high quality service. Emergency dental appointments are available should the situation arise, with our aim to see patients within 48 hours. If you are happy with the service we provide then we hope you will tell others and recommend the practice to them. However, should you ever be disappointed, we would like to know, so that we can take steps to address the problem.

Our Commitment to Communication

The key to successful dental treatment is communication. We believe that patients should play an active part in decision making for their dental care. We spend time explaining the various options for your treatment and welcome questions about any aspect of your care. For treatments other than routine care we can provide patients with a treatment plan which includes a full estimate of the cost and appointment time involved. In surgery we use inter-oral cameras to help show any problems that need to be overcome.

Changing Dentistry

Advances in dentistry have never been as rapid as now and we endeavour to constantly bring you the best of these advances whilst not discarding tried and tested techniques.

Where to Find Us

We are located close to the Royal Hallamshire Hospital and Sheffield University, just behind the Sheffield Children's Hospital. If you require a map, please click here.

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